Tor des Châteaux, first edition and first day

The Friday evening rain has bring with her some umbrellas but did not water down the runners’ sport spirit of the first race of Tor des Châteaux, first edition, the 170km track. In the head of the race, a duel between Oliviero Bosatelli (form Bergamo) and Mikael Mongiovetto (from the Donnas Valley), has born since the start, with overtakings and reunions. Then, with the sunrise, preview of this blue sky’ Saturday, Bosatelli, winner of the Tor des Géants®, speeded his steps and greeted his path’ companion. Despite he lost the track, during the race and especially at night, more than ten times. “Thanks especially to some people that have ripped off the signs,” said Oliviero Bosatelli, and to the usual “collectors” who wanted to enrich their collection of the yellow flags that characterize the races of VdA Trailers.

Celebration in the villages!

At Tor des Châteaux, those that will enjoy the beauty of landscapes and villages, celebrate and enjoy the beautiful welcome of people from Aosta Valley are the spectators, friends and people that accompany the runners. For them and for all, many municipalities crossed by Tor des Châteaux’ tracks (complete list on have organized parties, events, visits.


Friday 12 may

  • Sala Hôtel des États, Comune di Aosta, Piazza Chanoux: from 16:00 to 19:30 bibs distribution
  • Piazza Chanoux: from 15:00 opening Village TDCh
  • Piazza Chanoux: 20:00 start 170km

Saturday 13 may

  • Sala Hôtel des États, Comune di Aosta, Piazza Chanoux: from 8:00 to 9:30 bibs distribution
  • Piazza Chanoux: 10:00 start 100km
  • Piazza Chanoux: from 13:00 first arrivals 170km
  • Piazza Chanoux: from  20:00 first arrivals 100km

“Waiting for… Tor des Châteaux” | Playlist

Less than  one  month  left  to  the  premiere  edition  of  the  Tor  des  Châteaux  (May  12 -14)  running  race  that is completely innovative (because of the participation of the Municipalities of Valle d’Aosta and the variety of  the routes, landscapes and are as crossed) within Italian competitive sports.

Pablo Criado at Tor des Châteaux 

Pablo Criado, two times on the third place of Tor des Géants®, will not race this year the 330 km of the “Alte Vie”, but he would absolutely not leave the competitions organized by VDA Trailers in Aosta Valley. Indeed, he want to double.

The Spanish ultrarunner in fact, will be at the starting line on the 170 km track planned for the first edition of Tor des Châteaux (starting on May 12 in Aosta) and at the 130 km of Tot Dret, another new race scheduled during the week of Tor des Géants®, that will start on September 13 from Gressoney and finish in Courmayeur.

Giuliano Cavallo: “The Tor des Châteaux, a competition to manage with intelligence”

“Of course I’ll at the Tor des Châteaux! For three raisons: because this is the typologie of competition completely news and not only for the Aosta Valley ans so it arouse my curiosity; because it pass just up to my house and just for that I can’t miss; because VDA Trailers, the organizing society, has always proposed competitions done very well, so it’s alway a better idea to take advantage”.

Inscriptions opened !

Since today, Wednesday 14 December at 12h00, Italians and Foreigners athletes can officially enroll to the 1st edition of the Tor des Châteaux on the web site, scheduled since May 12. The TDC is a foot race on paved and dirt roads that, from the marvelous frame of Aosta city, explore 34 municipality crossing castels, villages, historic sites, Roman roads and the via Francigena too. Choosing between the 170 km and 100 km distances, respectively 4.000 and 3.000 m D+, all the Valley will be crossed to discover the region on a different point of view.


Amateur sports company Valle d’Aosta Trailers organizes the Tor des Châteaux (hereinafter for brevity TDC).


TDC is a foot race on the paved and dirt roads of the Aosta Valley, through 34 municipalities. Starting and finishing in the center of the city of Aosta, passing through castles, villages, historical sites, Roman roads, and finally along the Via Francigena, the race covers the entire valley, familiarizing runners with the region in a new way. Two routes are anticipated:

Start from Augusta Praetoria (Aosta)

From the central square of Aosta, the itinerary will first unfold eastward, hugging the first significant historical buildings; then continue to Avise, a strategic town in Roman times, perched at the mouth of the Valdigne, to then turn in the opposite direction until reaching the fort of Bard. Upon going around this impressive and soundly fortified complex, the track will bring the competitors back to Aosta on roads and paths on the opposite side of the Dora Baltea. The river, coming alive from the Mont Blanc glaciers, is the liquid thread weaving through this innovative event that athletes, supporters and travel companions will definitely enjoy. In all senses.

One and only stage of 170Km

Tor des Chateaux, a race of 170 kilometers, with a single stage, to be covered in a maximum period of 35 hours, in May 2017. The race will be a mix between road, trail and ultra-marathon running, in a very striking setting and during spring, when nature is at the height of its glory. Impressive buildings witnesses of history, culture and local art. From the complex and elegant structure of Fénis, to the austere and scenic Cly and Dell’Archet, peering over the land from up above, to the massive and squared-off structure of Ussel, isolated on a rocky promontory

A different competition

Designed for runners with greater aptitude for the street and the vertical drop, but with a generous dose of off-road trails, at times even challenging. A trail that crosses little known but very suggestive places, revealing new and surprising landscapes even for those that are already familiar with the highlands of the Region for some time

The Via Romana and Via Francigena

Trails that lead to the castles, the ancient Via Romana road and Via Francigena, roadways that connect the lower valley towns through the woods and fields are just some of the features highlighting the long circular route. The route will start and return to the finish line, at Piazza Chanoux of Aosta, in the heart of the ‘Roman’ city, dotted with nineteenth-century buildings and structures.

A new race, the only one of its kind

Not only involving high peaks and high paths to cross during winter on skis and during summer with trail running shoes, but also secluded roads, woodlands and valley pastures, picturesque, cloistered hamlets, cozy and lively villages and a surprising number of castles, fortified dwellings, and austere towers, some dating to the tenth century.